by Alfonso Tinoco

On a Journey with GO – Santiago, İstanbul, Yangon, Panamá, &c.

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Every seven years, the human body and mind change completely. While doing a purpose-finding exercise with The GO Project back in Santiago months ago, I realized each of the seven-year periods in my life could be easily marked off for what I have learned, done and further integrated into myself – the creative, the thinker, the social, the doer. Now I face my next seven years with the unique chance to choose what I want to become. So what is it going to be?

Now at 28, I feel truly thankful for the exceptional time I have had by being a part of GO and for the tremendous experience we have gone through so far, still figuring out on the go, but confident about the many opportunities and challenges that lay ahead of us. So here’s to the beginning of a new phase, to the next seven years doing something that lasts and matters. I am ready to start afresh, and as change starts with me, here’s to

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