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Our friend Andrés was our first contact and partner in Santiago, the one who believed in what we were planning to build, and helped us make this a reality. Days ago, he was planning to come visit us in Yangon after presenting his work in crowdfunding at the 10th Trade Promotion Organization Network World Conference and Awards (WTPO) held in Dubai, but could not get his tourist visa for Myanmar on time, so Megan and Noora went to meet him in Bangkok representing the rest of the Team to do some catch up and see what he was planning now.


Back from the quick trip, they were both eager to update us on the latest from his front (hint: it is bold!) and for all of us to start working with him again on new projects for 2015. Great news!

On one side, this is the exact answer to previous discussions we have had on how to maintain the relationships with our past-partners. And more than just keeping our relationship, how to work together again, in bigger challenges that involve a longer-term engagement and a larger impact. Even further, this would help us figure out how to connect Santiago with Istanbul and Yangon, and them back with Santiago.

On the other side, the immediate question to rise up is related to our own commitment towards our project – to step up, to ask for more, to create faster and better, and to underpromise, outperform and overdeliver! Easy to say but are we ready? In that precise moment, I thought there are many things we could and can do, and in many different ways also. But the fact is that the matter is not that (the coulds and shoulds), it is the focus required for all of this to happen in the first place – to improve, to excel, to WOW!

Once I read that one might not starve from lack of ideas or opportunities, but choke from having an excess of them. So here’s to upcoming and ongoing ideas and opportunities, but even more, to the commitment required to honor our partnerships and the collaboration that leads to fruitfully building something that matters.


Yangon, Myanmar. November 13, 2014. #ttt


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