Escribe – punto

“No pienses, Oppenheimer, ¡escribe!”
Andrés Oppenheimer
(“Don’t think, write!”)

I have previously had the desire to start writing, maybe have a blog, maybe write for certain renowned websites, maybe even get published in magazines. But all of those attempts finished as soon as they began… although they all seemed a brilliant idea at the time, they were just that: an idea. I did not have the time for that or I was not giving myself enough time. Perhaps I just did not want it enough.

Back in Istanbul, Matt challenged me to draw something daily and post it and that became the beginning of our 30-day challenge, and now I had a blog. I then realized that it was never a matter of talent or capacity, but of commitment and discipline.

So I started this project as my own birthday present, as a constant reminder to what I want to build for myself and a commitment to what needs to be done in order to get there. Thus, Andrés’s words are a reminder of the discipline I need in order to keep up not only with this project (and others), but with every task I want to undertake and immerse myself in.

Here’s to writing – the ancient but revolutionary art of expression through written word. And here’s to discipline – the fanatic discipline required to take any idea from its creation to its realization, from inspiration to fruition, to make it not only tangible but valuable.


Yangon, Myanmar. December 18, 2014. #ttt


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